4th ViennaPhotoBookFestival 2016
11 Juni 2016

If you are in Vienna for the 4th ViennaPhotoBookFestival 2016; visit the KABK Photography table with a selection of books from students, alumni and teachers at the education part of the festival. Among other beautiful editions, you will also find a copy of Concresco,
Concresco on The Weather Channel
19 Mei 2016

When The Weather Channel asked me to provide a few pictures for their website I did not expect this:
Photography teacher at The School for Young Talent
1 Februari 2016

Today I started my 2nd year as a photography teacher at The School for Young Talent.

SYT is a school established by the University of the Art The Hague, for pupils in primary education (Years 7 and 8) and secondary education. The school is open to pupils who would like to progress to the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire or the Conservatoire's Dance Department.

It's a truly great to spend one day a week with these highly motivated teenagers!
3rd prize for my series: A striped jersey’s journey
23 Januari 2016

My series A striped jersey’s journey has won the 3rd prize at the Zilveren Camera (Silver Camera) Award in the category: Domestic documentary series.

All prize winners will be exhibited at Museum Hilversum: "For five weeks, the museum displays the most important news events and the most impressive pictures from all over the world."
Nomination Zilveren Camera award
20 Januari 2016

I just received notice that my series Journey of a striped sweater has been nominated for the Zilveren Camera (Silver Camera) in the category Domestic documentary series.

The Zilveren Camera exists for 67 years and is the most important Dutch award for photojournalism

Coming Saturday, January 23, the winners will be announced.
Photo Auction for Rwandan orphans
24 November 2015

Over 80 photographers have donated work to send Rwandan orphans to school again. Buy my picture (or one of the other beautiful photos) and help to finance the future of a child.

gainings will benefit this great project. Click on the photo on the right to go to the auction. More information can be found here.
The journey of a striped sweater
19 September 2015

Okay, so you have donated items for the residents of the refugee camps in Calais. And then?! What's happening with this stuff? How do they come from donor to recipient?

For eight days I followed a striped sweater, from Almere to near Calais. Today you can check out the series in the Dutch newspapers NRC Handelsblad and Offline, the Saturday supplement of NRC Next.
Ithaca Returned exhibition in Athens
15 September 2015

The group exhibition Ithaca Returned, featuring my work, it is now on display in The Blender Gallery in Athens.
Portraits in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad
11 Juli 2015

It's almost the end of Ramadan and the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad had asked me to make portraits for an article about hip halal restaurant. This resulted in a great evening in Madeira House in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) with nice people and delicious food.

View and download the full article here (text: Sheila Kamerman)
Teaching photography at the School for Young Talent
2 Februari 2015

With great pleasure I start this week as a photography teacher at the School for Young Talent at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

The School for Young Talent is a school established by the University of the Arts, The Hague, for pupils in primary education (Years 7 and 8) and secondary education. The school is open to pupils who would like to progress to the Royal Academy of Art, the Royal Conservatoire or the Conservatoire's Dance Department.
Solo exhibition Vanitas series in Berlin
11 December 2014

From Friday, December 13th, ten photographs from the Vanitas series will be on show in a solo exhibition at Gallery 206 in the concept store DSQ206 in Berlin.

Please stop by around 5 o'clock, because "Der Künstler ist anwesend".
Publication in NRC Next about accession of Albania to the EU
24 Juni 2014

Today the Dutch newspaper NRC Next published an article about the possible accession of Albania to the EU, including one of my pictures that I shot there earlier.

For this (and more) work that was published in NRC Next, visit the Tearsheet page
Concresco featured in The Photobook: A History Vol. III by Martin Parr & Gerry Badger
26 Maart 2014

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better…

We (that’s designer Katie McGonigal and me) are tremendously proud that our book Concresco is being featured in The Photobook: A History Vol. III by Martin Parr & Gerry Badger! It's a cherry on the cream on the icing of the cake.

Read more about this publication here
Series on "whistleblowers" in NRC Next newspaper
8 Februari 2014

Today, the Dutch newspaper NRC Next published my photo series on "whistleblowers" (commissioned). Text: Andreas Kouwenhoven and Lineke Nieber. You will find the whole article in Tearsheets
Interview on Slate's Behold photo blog
24 Januari 2014

Last week I was interviewed by Jordan G. Teicher for Slate, Behold photo blog. Here's the link:
Concresco in Photobook Event Malmö
17 Januari 2014

Today Vasli Souza Gallery (Malmo, Sweden) will open the latest Photobookshow project. Alongside events and workshops there will be an exhibition of more than 80 photobooks, including Concresco.

The show is open for another few weeks, so if you're in the neighborhood...
UNDERCOVER - exhibition about Dutch photo books in St. Petersburg
21 November 2013

Last week the Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta in St. Petersburg opened a great exhibition of about 150 Dutch photo books, including Concresco, that you can look through.

Here you will find the complete list of participants. Further; a link to a short video commenting on the exhibition and a video from the opening.
"Ithaca Returned" travels to Crete
13 Augustus 2013

The group exhibition "Ithaca Returned", containing a photo from the series Concresco, will travel to the Contemporary Museum of Crete. The exhibition will be opened on the 20th of August.
Concresco in The Irish Times
27 Juli 2013

Today The Irish Times published an article about Concresco and the running exhibition at The Copper House Gallery.
Solo exhibition and masterclass at PhotoIreland Festival 2013
2 Juli 2013

This year during the PhotoIreland Festival I will present a solo exhibition of images from the Concresco series at The Copper House Gallery in Dublin. The show will be on view from July 14 till August 2.

On Saturday the 13th Katie McGonigal (designer of Concresco) and I will give a masterclass about the process of making the book. The talk is followed by an open review session for photographers. So bring your dummy books!
Group exhibition: Ithaca Returned
21 Juni 2013

I have been invited to participate in a group exhibition with the theme “Ithaca Returned”. For this curators Philip Tsiaras and Chrisophoros Doulgeris selected a photo from the series Concresco.

The work will be exhibited in late June on the Island of Ithaca, Greece.
Concresco in 'Le Monde'
6 Juni 2013

Next to an online publication of Concresco, the French newspaper Le Monde gave the series a full page in the hard copy (Géo & Politique).

You will find the whole publication right here
Books &Foam - Curated bookshelves
28 Maart 2013

At the end of March, &Foam - Foam's (Photo museum Amsterdam's) shop annex project space in the Vijzelstraat - will acquire a photo book theme for the next two months.

As part of the program Foam has invited eight Dutch and international experts from the world of photography to provide a 'curated bookshelf', containing their choices for the five best photo books of 2012. Thanks to Martin Parr Concresco will be part of these shelves.

View the full program here
LEXZINE reacts on WIRED interview
21 Maart 2013

LEXZINE gave an interesting and substantive response to the interview I did earlier with 'Wired’s Raw File' blog.

You can read the whole article '
Paranoia or Precaution? David Galjaard's "Concresco" and post-Communist Albania' on the website.
Interview on WIRED
20 Maart 2013

Last week I was interviewed by Pete Brook from wired.com. The interview can be read on the website (including some funny, interesting, but also very dumb comments). Our conversation can also be found on the Italian version of the site.
5 times Concresco in the 'Neue Zürcher Zeitung'
4 Maart 2013

From today till Friday the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung will publish an image from Concresco daily.
Book review in 'De Fotograaf'
2 Maart 2013

De Fotograaf (The Photographer) magazine wrote a nice book review about Concresco.

You wil find this publication under Tearsheets
Book Du Jour; Concresco on Self Publish, Be Happy
18 Februari 2013

Concresco has never had a soundtrack, but because of this website I had to find one. Curious? You can listen to it here (and scroll down).

"Self Publish, Be Happy is an organisation founded by Bruno Ceschel in 2010 with the aim of celebrating, studying and promoting self-published photo books through events (such as exhibitions, displays and talks), publications and online exposure. Self Publish, Be Happy also organises workshops that help artists and photographers make and publish their own books."
Fotoboek! event in Nutshuis The Hague
15 Februari 2013

Upcoming Sunday during the Fotoboek! event, designer Katie McGonigal, filmmaker Martijn Payens and I will have a public conversation with Mrs. Deane and talk about Albania, bunkers and beautiful books.

"Fotoboek!; a day for professionals and fans of the photo book. In addition to many books (old and new, to exchange, buy and look), also films, interviews, designers, photographers and exhibitions in the Nutshuis, The Hague."
Concresco on Longlist Dutch Doc Award
11 Februari 2013

Concresco is part of the Longlist of the Dutch Doc Award.

"37 Photo Projects, without exception, of high quality, are selected for the longlist of the Dutch Doc Award 2013. Dutch largest photo prize is awarded yearly to the best documentary projects with an exhibition and prize of 20,000 euros." read more (in Dutch)
PDN Photo of the Day
4 Februari 2013

PDN Photo of the Day, a daily selection by the editors of Photo District News, selected 8 photos of Concresco to show on their website.

"Dutch photographer David Galjaard discovered an unlikely photographic subject in a slew of concrete bunkers, left over from the Albanian Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha..." (Lindsay Comstock) read more
DH/// Magazine, a magazine about art in The Hague
14 Januari 2013

As an artist living The Hague, my work was selected to be part of the third edition of DH///.

"DH/// is a free bilingual magazine focusing on contemporary art in The Hague. The publication sheds light on the city's diverse and unique artistic climate, and reflects the full breadth of The Hague's contemporary art scene."
More 'best of' lists
27 December 2012

Just before the end of the year Concresco pops-up on some more 'best of' lists:

British Journal of Photography, Photonews Blogbuch, We Are OCA and Propagandaphotos
TIME's Best of 2012: The Photobooks We Loved
24 December 2012

It's just getting better and better!: TIME Magazine picked Concresco as one of the "Photobooks They Loved in 2012". You will find the book under nr. 49 and 50 in the TIME Lightbox slideshow.

Concresco is a fantastic example of great photography paired with Dutch design sensibility that embodies all that can be done in independent book publishing." (Larissa Leclair) read more
Interview on Kita/fotografija.lt
14 December 2012

Some time ago I was interviewed by Rūta Šatalovaitė of Kita/fotografija.lt.
For those who don't master Lithuanian that good, please click here
Interview on theloggingroad blog
8 December 2012

About theloggingroad: "...This blog signals new titles and reflects in both text and (moving) image on the-making-of, on the cultural historical context of photobooks, and on strategies for archiving, editing and selecting. ... The blog strives to create  a niche in the ‘golden age of photobooks’, if you wish."

Martin Parr selects 'Concresco' as one of the Best Books of 2012
7 December 2012

Today Photo-eye Magazine published a list of the "Best Books of 2012".
For this they asked 29 experts to put together their top 10 favorites.

Photo-eye about the list: "...we aren't seeking consensus or a ranking. For us, Best Books is about discoveries."

Read more and view all the selected books here
Interview on the Aperture Blog
4 December 2012

Last week I had a nice interview with Thomas Bollier from the Aperture Foundation.

TB: "Albania, over the course of the past century, has experienced hardship and setbacks, and is still today finding its place in modern Europe. Were you daunted by the task of representing the complicated history and current problems of a country that is not your own?"

Curious about the answer to this and many other questions? Check out the Aperture Blog

Chris Boot and Lesley Martin talk about the awards and winning books
20 November 2012

Check this great video on the book exhibition at Paris Photo, where Chris Boot and Lesley A. Martin (both from Aperture) discuss the awards and winning books.
PDN's Indie Photo Books of the Year: Part 1
20 November 2012

As part of Photo District News look at “Notable Photo Books of 2012”, they asked Larissa Leclair, founder of Indie Photobook Library, an archive of photo books by self- and independent publishers, to select a list of ten notable indie photo books published this year.

Here you will find five of her selections, including Concresco.
Concresco has won The Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards!!!
18 November 2012

Last Friday Concresco has won The Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Awards in the First Photobook category.

The thirty outstanding photobooks shortlisted for the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2012 are currently being exhibited at Paris Photo at the Grand Palais, after which they will be presented at Aperture Gallery in New York and other venues to be determined. read more
Book review on Oh Top Book blog
18 November 2012

"A simple, bold design in red and black pays obvious homage to both Albania (these are the colors of their flag) and the Soviet connection. A closer look displays a series of dots distributed across the cover in the shape of Albania. Holding the book, you realize these aren't dots, but rather bumps in the shape of the bunkers that protrude from the cover in the same way the bunkers protrude from the landscape. Thus, in tactile form, the cover embodies the book's central motif, the thousands of bunkers spread all across the country."  read more
Book review in Source Photographic Review magazine (IE)
5 November 2012

Last week the Irish magazine Source published an amazing review on Concresco:

“… A series of interviews excerpts and explanatory, critical texts are placed throughout the book; in this Concresco distinguishes itself from many otherwise well-made photobooks, which trust too much in the power of the image to reveal everything that need be known about their subject … Concresco is a skilful and sensitive piece of critical journalism, in which style and content are successfully synthesised to arrive at a subtle treatment of a complex subject.” read more
Book review Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards
26 Oktober 2012

"Above-ground bunkers are scattered across Albania, serving as physical reminders of the country's struggles for security during the Communist era. Two decades after the fall of Communism, these bunkers still stand, drawing the attention of foreigners while perhaps symbolizing Albanians' difficulty in realizing the next phase of their national identity ... Concresco is a consistently and elegantly rendered physical object. As a first published book, it incorporates the right number of variations on the traditional book-making process". read more
Publication in CHIP PHOTO VIDEO Magazine
24 Oktober 2012

This month "CHIP FOTO VIDEO" Magazine devoted six pages on my work. During the interview, we mainly talked about my book Concresco, but also my new (mini) series from Lagos is covered.

Check out the publication in Tearsheets, or order it online
iPL exhibition travels to FotoWeekDC
23 Oktober 2012

The Indie Photobook Library's 3rd feature-length exhibition will travel from Gallery Carte Blanche in San Francisco to FotoWeekDC. The exhibition titled "A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks" draws from the iPL collection and features 70 photobooks, including my book Concresco.
Book review in Objektiv
23 Oktober 2012

The Norwegian journal for contemporary photography Objektiv wrote a book review on Concresco.

Objektiv describes itself as a gallery in journal format. It's mission statement is to create a time-capsule on where contemporary lens-based work is today. During its three year run it has invited emerging artists to show projects that expand the medium and asked people within the field to write insightful, provocative essays on what and where this art form currently is.

You can order a copy of the latest edition right here
Archivo Portfolio'12
9 Oktober 2012

A selection of Concresco is featured in the Archivo Portfolio'12 > editor's choice

Archivo is a documentary photography project founded, in Portugal, by Ana Catarina Pinho.

The projects objective is to highlight documentary photography, creating a connection between contemporary relevant photographers and artists and emerging photographers who aim to publish their photographic work
Brighton Photo Biennial 2012 Photobook Exhibition
6 Oktober 2012

As part of its fifth edition, the Brighton Photo Biennial 2012 invited the submission of self-published, handmade or short run photography books, to be included as part of a Photobook Exhibition at Brighton’s Jubilee Library throughout the Biennial (6 October – 4 November 2012) in collaboration with Photobook Show.
A special edition of Concresco is also present at the exhibition. If you are around, you should definitely take a look.
De Grote Haagse Kunstkalender
4 Oktober 2012

A photo from Concresco is published in "De Grote Haagse Kunstkalender" (The Big Art Calendar from The Hague)

This special art calendar offers a platform to 365 renowned and upcoming artists, designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers and architects from The Hague.

And yes... it's really quite large!
Concresco is shortlisted for the “Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards”
29 September 2012

The thirty photobooks shortlisted for the PhotoBook Awards were announced today in The PhotoBook Review 003, Aperture’s biannual publication.

Along with nineteen other titles, Concresco is shortlisted in the category: First Photobook

Check out the amazing competition
Last week Noorderlicht International Photofestival
28 September 2012

It's just a little more than a week before the 19th edition of the Noorderlicht Photofestival is over again. If you have not already been there, you should definitely go and take a look!

This "edition of the Noorderlicht International Photofestival transcends photographic genres to sketch a picture of the relation between man and nature, on the basis of the work of 115 photographers."
Converging Visions in Haags Straatnieuws magazine
27 September 2012

This month "Haags Straatnieuws" magazine (special newspaper sold by homeless people) devoted a spread on the Converging Visions Project.
This issue will be for sale untill October 10th. So, if you live in The Hague; find your local homeless person and buy a copy.
The sale of Concresco is going great!
26 September 2012

Five months after the launch of Concresco more than half of the books are sold and also the Special Editions are going fast.

If you don't have a copy yet, but you do like to have one: please visit the SHOP on this website
Another beautiful book review
21 September 2012

Larissa Leclair wrote four book reviews for VOP Magazine, including one on Concresco. All of these titles were part of the exhibition "A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks" curated by Larissa Leclair and Darius Himes (Gallery Carte Blanche, San Francisco. Sept 14-Oct 18, 2012).

Voices of Photography (VOP) is an independent publication dedicated to contemporary photography.
You can order this new copy of VOP on their website.

Read and/or download the whole article here
Book review in DNCHT Magazine
18 September 2012

Dienacht is a great "one-man" magazine for Photography, Design and Subculture. Check out the site (and order a copy!)

...Concresco is an outstanding book, serious and entertaining at the same time; various booklets inside loosen up the story and the good layout turn it into a gorgeous – not in a the romantic way – book." read more
Noorderlicht-special in Vrij Nederland
1 September 2012

A photo of Concresco was published in the "Noorderlicht-special" of Vrij Nederland Magazine.

If you like, you can check out the publication in Tearsheets.
Concresco will be in San Francisco next month.
10 Augustus 2012

Concresco will be shown during the 3rd feature-length exhibition: "A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks" at Gallery Carte Blanche in San Francisco.
The selection of 70 books was made by Darius Himes and Larissa Leclair (founder of the Indie Photobook Library).
Book review by Joerg Colberg
2 Augustus 2012

Joerg Colberg wrote a great review about Concresco on his Conscientious blog:

"...Self-published, Concresco is a rather lavish production, firmly betraying its Dutch origin in terms of design and production value. As much as it is cliche for me to write this, but it seems these days you can’t really go wrong with any Dutch photobook, and this one is no exception..." read more
1st prize at the PhotoIreland Portfolio Review!
18 Juli 2012

After a weekend of nice and interesting conversations, my book Concresco was awarded the PhotoIreland Portfolio Review Prize. The prize consists of an exhibition at next years festival.
Converging Visions - Photography exchange: Nigeria / The Netherlands
11 Juli 2012

In June I went with photographers Andrea Stultiens, David de Jong and Karine Versluis for a period of three weeks to Lagos (Nigeria), to participate in the exchange program Converging Visions. In collaboration with four Nigerian colleagues we have all worked on our own projects.

The result of this journey will be on this website shortly.
Until then, check out the Facebook page for more photos and information.
Concresco in the Indie Photobook Library
25 Juni 2012

Concresco is now part of the Indie Photobook Library in Washington. Founded by Larissa Leclair in 2010, the Indie Photobook Library is an - daily growing - archive of self-published and indie published photobooks.
Four out of five **** for Concresco in Vrij Nederland magazine
22 Juni 2012

"Zevenhonderdvijftigduizend koepelbunkertjes liet de Albanese dictator Enver Hoxha eind jaren zestig bouwen om zijn land mee te verdedigen tegen een buitenlandse invasie. Vandaag de dag zit het land nog steeds vol met deze betonnen pukkels. De Nederlandse fotograaf David Galjaard legde in zijn fotoboek Concresco vast..." (by Henk van Renssen) read more
Turning dead space into creative space
21 Juni 2012

Kuvva is a great place to go to for beautiful wallpapers. Their goal is to "turn dead space into creative space" and that is exactly what they do.
As of today there are seven images of Concresco that you can stream as wallpaper. So if you want to have a good view on some great Albanian landscap, click here.

They also did an interview with me, which can be read here.
Concresco on Noorderlicht Photofestival
15 Juni 2012

Today I received the great news that Concresco will be shown during the main exhibition of the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2012 (2 sept. until 7 Oct.).

Far less good news is that the Dutch advisory board of The Netherlands advised the Dutch Government to cut the financial support to one of the finest photo festivals in the world. Please support them to revoke this advise and help them to get support to fund Noorderlicht after 2012.

Follow this link and SUPPORT Noorderlicht!
Book review Concresco in NRC Handelsblad
15 Juni 2012

Marianne Vermeijden devoted an entire page on Concresco today on the "Boeken in beeld" (a view on books) page of the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

Download the article here
(in Dutch)
Book review on PhotoQ
8 Juni 2012

Lise Lotte ten Voorde wrote a nice review about Concreso on the PhotoQ website: Albanië en haar erfenis van beton (Albania and its legacy of concrete)

Read the whole article here (in Dutch)
Radio interview for "De Avonden"
11 Mei 2012

Tonight, an interview broadcast of a conversation I had with Gijsbert van der Wal at my exhibition at the Bunker Gallery in The Hague.

Click here to listen to the interview (in Dutch)
Showcase at Van Stockum bookstore
8 Mei 2012

Concresco has its own showcase at the Van Stockum bookstore in The Hague, where the book is also for sale. Apart from this website, you can also buy the book at:

Het Nederlands Fotomuseum (the Dutch Photo museum)
- Gallery: Lief hertje en de Grote Witte Reus
- STROOM Den Haag
Concresco at Milan Image Art Fair
6 Mei 2012

Thanks to the FotografenFederatie and Nina Post (Post Editions), my book is for sale at the Milan Image Art Fair.
Book review by GUP magazine
5 Mei 2012

"Concresco is more than a visual witness to the ravages of communism; it’s almost a wistful ode to the 750,000 bunkers marring the Albanian landscape, anchored deeper in the history and collective unconscious of the country than in its land itself. Unadorned and probably unretouched, taken from the distance of an outside observer, David Galjaard’s photos perspire the bleakness of the fall out of a 50 year long dictatorship..." read more
Concresco is officially for sale!
22 April 2012

From today Concresco is officially for sale.

Check out a preview of the book, or order it right away in the SHOP
Concresco In Beeld
20 April 2012

Today there are nine photos from the series Concresco published on the In Beeld (picture) page of the Dutch national newspaper NRC Next.

View this and other publications here
Extra! Extra! 175 homeless people are helping to sell Concresco!
18 April 2012

This week I had a nice interview with Hester Heite for Haags Straatnieuws (special newspaper sold by homeless people).

I place a link to the interview as soon as it is online.
17 April 2012

My book is featured on Urbanautica. Check out this great website especially dedicated to contemporary landscape photography.
Concresco at PhotoIreland
9 April 2012

Concresco is selected to attend at the "International Portfolio Reviews" at the Photo Ireland Festival.
During the weekend my work will be "evaluated by international and Irish curators, gallery owners, festival directors, publishers and other photography professionals".
The first pages were printed!
2 Februari 2012

You can find more information about the production of my photo book Concresco on the Facebook page
Concresco on nalden.net
8 December 2011

A few days ago I was invited by the lifestyle website nalden.net to put a preview of Concresco on their site. As a "slow photographer" it feels pretty good to be on one of the fastest sites on the net!
The pre-sale of my photo book: Concresco starts today!
26 November 2011

Concresco is the result of a project I worked on, with a lot of pleasure, for three years. What started as a fascination for a country covered in bunkers, became a deep interest in the history and development of Albania.

Check out a preview of the series in Work, or order the book right away in my new Shop.
New "commissioned work" online
16 Augustus 2011

Ever since March of this year, I've been making a weekly photograph for the economy page of the NRC Handelsblad (national Dutch newspaper). Next to this, I had work commissioned in the last couple of months by NRC Next, graphic designer Koen Geurts, documentary maker Martijn Payens (IDFA) and architectural magazines KEI-A5 and KEI-E1.

A selection of the work is presented under the titel Tearsheets.
Pitch in the pocket
5 Juli 2011

Last night I won the photo-pitch of De Donkere Kamer (The Dark Room) #5!
In order to make the public even more enthusiastic about the project, my designer and I had chosen 3 photos from the project and made 100 buttons of each one that people could take home free of charge. I'm not sure if that was what made the difference, but winning the pitch is nevertheless a great start of the budget for the book. As cherry on the cake, Hans Rooseboom (curator of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam) made the three buttons part of the museum's collection of photography.

You can read the report of the evening on PhotoQ.nl
Photo-pitch at De Donkere Kamer
19 Juni 2011

"De Donkere Kamer is an evening of inspiring projects, crisp views and talks on current topics in the photography world."
On the 4th of july I will pitch my latest photo project Concresco, hoping to collect some money for the realization of the book. Here's how it works: three photographers present their project in three minutes and the audience decides how the fee for the evening is spread over these three projects.

Take all your friends and do not forget to make a reservation on the website.
Nomination: De Gouden Grijns (The Golden Grin)
27 April 2011

De Gouden Grijns is a new, annual price for the funniest photograph of the year. The competition is organized by photographers Roger Cremers and Merlijn Doomernik to "stimulate the appreciation of humor in Dutch photography". I'm proud to say that I was nominated, but the rightful winner was Hans Palmboom.

You can read more about the competition and see this year's nominations and winner on the website of De Gouden Grijns.
New studio
20 November 2010

After a renovation of almost two months, I now have a wonderful new studio in De Besturing. This is a studio complex in the industrial area the Binckhorst in The Hague.
There are studios for 28 people, working as artists, architects, furniture designers, graphic designers, filmmakers or as a cartoonist.
New assignments
11 September 2010

During summer, I was commissioned two new assignments: a series, consisting of seven parts, about senses (NRC Weekblad) and - together with Christian van der Kooy - a 15 part summer series about associations and clubs in the Netherlands (NRC Next).

A selection of the work is presented in Work (Club Life) and under the titel Tearsheets
DH// - Magazine about art in Den Haag
25 Mei 2010

The second issue of the magazine DH//, a publication by Stroom, contains one of the pictures from the series When The Siren Goes. “... The magazine is intended for art lovers as much as curators, art institutes, artists and artist initiatives, and its 10.000 copies will be spread internationally. DH// will be launched at Art Amsterdam...”

This publication can be ordered through the website of Stroom (in Dutch).
Back from Albania
21 Mei 2010

Fund BKVB enabled me to return to Albania for the third time to continue working on my project Concresco. This project is now supported by other professionals, including the croatian journalist Slavenka Drakuliç and documentarian Martijn Payens.
Photo auction Haiti
20 Januari 2010

For the next few weeks, a large number of photographers offer their work via the online photo sale by auction on the PhotoQ website. The profit is intended for the rebuilding of an orphanage in Haiti. It concerns the care of thirteen children by the Dutch Lia van de Donk.

- The auction is over and the picture was sold -
Abania Express
28 Mei 2009

April 2009 - together with photographer Christian van der Kooy I made a one month journey to Albany, where we both worked on individual projects. The results of this trip will be on this website shortly.
Next question at Photo-Festival Naarden
23 Mei 2009

NRC Next, a dutch newspaper, had invited Christian and me and three other photographers to speak at a conference of PFN about the identity of Next photography. Due to our stay abroad we were compelled to speak through Skype from our hotel room in Zagreb (Croatia). At least we had the advantage to have a beer during the conference! 
Goodbye Annelies, hello wallpaper
3 Maart 2009

On March 31st Annelies Kuiper, chief editor of photography at NRC Next, said goodbye to start her new job as intendant of documentary photography at BKVB Fund. As a final stunt she had wallpaper made from a birdview picture of the editorial office, consisting of 1050 photos made by Christian and me. During the night the three of us put the wallpaper up in the editorial office.
Farewell Norfolk
19 Februari 2009

Scheveningen, 2006 -  the last ship of shipping company Norfolkline set course to Dover for a final trip. I made a series of ten pictures of this event, which were bought by the City Archives of The Hague.
The sheep lives!
14 Augustus 2008

On August 12 NRC Next published a picture from The Last Stop of a sheep on its back in the summer series Tourist in own country. Worried readers have contacted the editorial office to find out if the sheep had survived, since sheep on their backs usually don’t live longer than thirty minutes. Rest assured, the sheep had come back to its feet by itself and seemed perfectly all right. 
The Last Stop
15 Juli 2008

Together with several authors and my colleague Christian van der Kooy I looked for interesting last stops in Holland. By train, bus and underground we reached the routes’ end and registered what we encountered. These pictures were published in NRC Next.
Fly on the Wall
1 April 2008

The first edition of Next.One, NRC Next’s monthly magazine, will be issued this month. In the recurring feature Fly on the Wall my colleague Christian van der Kooy and I will hover – with our camera - over living rooms.